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Latest Offers


Free Retests Offer

Free retests for motorcycle Learner Permit, Check Ride and Licence Courses!

Embrace the thrill and freedom of motorcycle riding without worrying about additional costs! At HART, we understand the challenges of learning to ride, and we believe quality training greatly impacts your success. However, two days of training isn't always sufficient to ensure every rider becomes a competent, safe rider on their first try.

That's why we offer free retests! Our goal is to empower riders with effective techniques for years of enjoyable riding, not just to help them pass the test. This applies to all VicRoads courses, including the 2-Day Learner Permit Course, Check Ride, and Licence Assessment completed at HART Victoria.

While we can't guarantee you'll pass on your first attempt, and we recognise that learning to ride is a complex journey. The skills you gain during the licensing process will help lay a strong foundation for a lifetime of safe riding. It's better to invest the necessary time to learn properly than rush through just to pass the test.

Take the next step with confidence! Book your Learner Permit, Check Ride, or Licence Assessment with HART.

Terms and conditions apply


Victoria Multi-Course Special Offer

HART Victoria Multi-Course Special book 2 or more courses and save 10%.

Gear up with friends or fly solo! Whether you are starting out or advancing your skills, HART Victoria's multi-course offer is the perfect opportunity. Book 2 or more courses for yourself, or share the experience with a friend, and enjoy 10% off*.

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive training for all levels
  • Experienced instructors
  • Focus on safety and skill enhancement

Offer available for all HART Victoria courses booked:

  • Learner through to Licence
  • Roadtech advanced training
  • Kids, teens & adult off-road

Terms & Conditions

Free Retests Offer

Free retests must be taken within one month of the original course commencement and original course must be completed at HART Victoria.

Victoria Multi-Course Special Offer

*Offer applies to bookings of 2 or more in the same transaction. Offer ends 31 August 2024 and is only valid for HART Victoria courses.