Setting up for cornering

Setting up for cornering

Setting up is undoubtedly the most important part of Cornering, and determines how smoothly and safely you negotiate the corner.

It's during the approach to a corner that all the important information is gathered and decisions made.

If you wait until you’re in the corner to determine the quality of the surface, other traffic and how tight the bend is, you’ve probably left it too late to adjust your speed or line safely if things go wrong.

Here are some tips on how best to 'Set Up' your bike before you enter the corner:

  • Take in all information available: Road signage, white lines (road markings), guide posts and tree lines all tell us something about the direction and radius of an approaching corner. Look for all the cues early.
  • Use this information to position your bike: Once you know the direction and radius of the corner, position yourself to; obtain the best vision through the corner, ride on the best part of the surface, and to buffer away from oncoming traffic
  • Speed Selection: Depending on the radius of the curve, you may need to reduce your speed. This should include both braking and then gear selection that will enable you to negotiate the corner at the correct speed and the best gear for that speed.
  • Motorcycle crashes in corners account for a high percentage of all crashes. If you don’t judge the corner early, its possible to enter too quickly, or in the wrong position. Whilst the bike is leaning mid-corner, its very difficult to change your line or wipe off speed when the unexpected happens and you’re caught off guard. Scan and Plan early!