Bike inspection

Bike inspection

Before any big ride, or if your bike has been sitting around over winter; it is important to check it over to be certain it’s in a safe and workable condition. Your owner’s manual will have a “pre-ride check” that you can follow to inspect your bike. Usually this check would include, but not be limited to, inspecting/adjusting:

Tyres: Check pressure, condition and wear. Look for objects imbedded in the tyre, cracks and bulges in the rubber (2mm tread depth is the min legal requirement)

Brakes: Check the pads and discs for wear, reservoir fluid level and/or cable condition. Squeeze the lever and hold for a few seconds; it the lever continues to depress without any additional force, there may be a leak in the fluid system.

Clutch: Check freeplay, fluid level and/or cable condition.

Throttle: Check that there is a small amount of free-play, it snaps shut, moves freely.

Oil: Is there enough? Should it be replaced? Should you bring some spare oil?

Cooling system: Is there enough? Any leaks? Check the radiator for stone damage and leaks

Chain & Sprockets: Correctly adjusted? Lubed? Chain and sprocket condition?

Electrics: Carry out a check of the electrical system, include all lights/indicators, horn and Kill switch.

If you are questioning anything, replace it/adjust it/seek a professional opinion.

Is your bike close to or due a service? It is better to service before the riding season.

If you are not confident in performing any checks or adjustments ensure you see a dealer.